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Premium Shared Hosting

Our Premium Shared Hosting provides a more secure and reliable server environment at an affordable price. This solution is perfect if your organization has a small website (up to 10GB) that gets a moderate amount of traffic.  

Vulnerabilities of Typical Shared Hosting
Problem Consequence
Minimal or no firewall protection Sites easily hacked. No way to know if a site is compromised unless reported by the owner or an end user.
Hundreds of websites on one server Server is heavily taxed, making webpages slow to load.
Shared environment If one site is hacked, it can spread to the other sites and/or cause the whole server to crash.
One IP address shared by all websites hosted on the server You could be sharing your IP address with pornography sites or spammers. This ruins the reputation of your IP, which could cause emails sent from your domain to be labeled as spam.
Website and email on the same server If your website is hacked, it could affect your email functionality, and vice versa. It is more secure to separate website hosting and email hosting on separate servers.
Outdated equipment Shared servers are often older machines that may have more issues, resulting in more downtime for your website.
Control Panel Access Using a control panel (ex: cPanel) makes administrative tasks easier. However, it can also offer a backdoor to hackers. 
See how Premium Shared Hosting compares

Standard shared hosting is cheap for a reason. There is usually minimal or no firewall protection and hundreds of sites may be on one server. At Webservio, we try to offer a wide range of solutions so that you can choose what is right for your organization. Our Premium Shared Hosting provides a well-secured environment for businesses that are not ready to take the step to a VPS or Dedicated Server.

Cybercrime on the Rise

It seems like there is a new story every week about another reputable business being hacked. For every instance you hear about, there are many more that go unreported. Statistics show that over 60% of small businesses that experience a serious security breach will go out of business in six months. Think your business is too small to be a target? Over 30% of cyberattacks are aimed at companies with less than 250 employees. While no website is totally hacker-proof, you would be hard-pressed to find a more secure shared hosting environment anywhere else. If you would like to transfer your website to Webservio from another hosting provider, our Managed Migration service makes it an easy process. If your site has been hacked, we also offer a Website Restoration service.

Your Website is Valuable

Consider how essential your company's website is to doing business on a daily basis. A website is often the first place people go to learn more about an organization or product, and they usually form a judgment about those based on the appearance and content of the website. Choosing a more secure hosting solution protects the reputation of your company and ensures business can continue uninterrupted.